Resilient Production: COVID-19 as a driving force for change

COVIDaction Team

April 7, 2021

Building Resilient Production: COVID-19 as a Driving Force for Change.

This video does not have subtitles.  Here is the transcript:

Narrator  00:06

When the world began to grapple with COVID-19, we set out to build a technology and innovation pipeline. Now we see signals of something more profound. We believe the COVID pandemic has uncovered rare ingenuity and shown us how longer term resilience might be possible, as demonstrated by innovators, around the world. In the future, where localised production ecosystems are resilient to outside forces are closer to the consumers they serve, so they can respond to their specific needs. Here's what we've seen and it may take to build this future flexible production through local collaboration, allowing local repair and maintenance.


Ram Chandar, Zener Technologies  00:53

I have witnessed this pandemic as an innovation and market opportunity for the small global enterprises, breaking the mould of established operating systems, we have a long way to go, but we're determined to get there.


Narrator  01:06

Human health is nurtured in unison with environmental health


Muzalema Mwanza, Safe Motherhood Alliance  01:08

Wr produce life saving baby delivery kits and biodegradable sanitary pads to help pregnant mothers in Zambia, using 3D printing and natural materials and what is availabl locally, to help them give birth safely. 


Narrator  01:22

Products are designed for consumers with the local environment in mind. Innovator CIST makes hand sanitizer by fermenting water hyacinth from Lake Victoria, a highly invasive weed that damages the ecosystem and the local economy. And once something can't be fixed, then waste is a local issue addressed in the community.


Victor Boyle-Komolafe, GIVO  01:45

At GIVO we have collected thousands of tons of household waste that is used to make new things, including PPPE.


Narrator  01:53

When the next global or regional crisis hits, we don't want to see communities blindly scrambling in response with inadequate and unfair supply chains, we see communities supporting themselves rapidly responding to their own unique needs. We see holistic local value chains with capacity built into the community. We can't do this alone. But we can work towards it together.

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