Mapping AT Innovation Ecosystem

We are gathering information about stakeholders working in areas relevant to innovation, disability, and assistive technology in Kenya. This information is being collected by AT2030, led by GDI Hub, the University of Nairobi, and Maynooth University and on behalf of the Government of Kenya.

The data gathered from this survey will be mapped as a resource, and will then contribute to improving assistive technology policies and systems in Kenya and contribute to the development of an Assistive Technology Hub. 

This short survey will gather information about your organization and help us to understand the range of stakeholders working innovation, disability, and assistive technology in Kenya. By proceeding with the survey, you are agreeing to the use of the information provided for the mapping exercise. You are not required to answer any question which you feel you are unable or which you do not feel comfortable answering. A member of our team may contact you for clarification if required.

Please respond on behalf of your organization.

Thank you once again,

The Kenyan AT Innovation Ecosystem Team

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